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Please call 312-7577 and press "3" to report absences when your child is away from school. When you call, you will hear a brief message that will ask you to state your name, the student's name, the date(s) of absence, and the reason for the absence. If parents do not inform the office regarding absences, the school will attempt to contact the parent for verification. Unreturned calls will result in the student’s absence being marked “unjustified”.


It is very important that your child arrive at school on time so that s/he begins the day with the rest of the class. Students who arrive late for class need to check in through the office for a late arrival slip. Your child's attendance record will be changed from an absence to a tardy. Your child will be considered a “truant” if s/he is more than 30 minutes late up to 3 times, due to an unjustifiable reason.

Elective Absences

An elective absence is a day a child is not in school for a reason other than legally approved absences such as illness, appearance in court, funeral services for a member of the immediate family, etc. When your child takes an elective absence day, the District loses $30 per day per child.

Unjustified Absences

Your child receives an “unjustified absence” if s/he is not at school and it not because 1) s/he is ill; 2) s/he has a medical appointment; 3) s/he is absent due to a death in the family. Family vacations result in an unjustified absence.